• La Belle Assiette

    The UK's leading chef service

  • About Us

    La Belle Assiette was founded four years ago to make entertaining at home truly enjoyable. We bring talented chefs into your kitchen so you can enjoy hosting dinners, without the stress of cooking or cleaning.


    Despite our very French name, we have been overwhelmingly accepted in the UK. Our 332 local chefs have now cooked in over 5,000 homes across the country. Each new chef is tested through a trial dinner before being accepted to our community.

  • How does it work?


    Decide on a menu

    Select a date and location, then browse menus from available chefs.



    Book it online

    Once you've chosen a menu, book it online to reserve the chef.


    Talk to the chef

    The chef calls you to discuss any menu changes and dietary requirements.

  • What happens on the day?

  • Preparation

    The chef spends the morning of your event sourcing the best ingredients


    The chef comes to your home and cooks in your kitchen


    The chef serves each dish, explaining its origins and influences


    The chef cleans everything up, leaving your kitchen spotless